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love is peace gif by Karmachichi

Limited Edition 2024


Movable Stickers Made from Fabric

Welcome to Karmachichi Sticker Shop,

where creativity meets quality!


Introducing our latest collection of bespoke stickers

that redefine the art of self-expression.


Crafted with precision and passion, these unique stickers are made from high-quality fabric adhesive,

ensuring a distinct texture reminiscent of fine fabric.

Each sticker undergoes a meticulous hand-coating process, enhancing its durability and guaranteeing a long-lasting, vibrant presence with easy peel and movability.

Elevate your personal style and make a statement with our exclusive fabric-like textured stickers  in 4 sizes.

Wall  - 235 x 125mm 

Door  - 120mm 

Flask - 90mm

iPhone- 60mm  

Wall decals are the perfect way to add

personality in a non-permanent way.

Easy peel on and off adhesive

allows you to move as often as you like without

adhesive residue.

Production is limited to

 batches of 100 per design.

 Sticker Decal Shop

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