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Chichi Cat wall stickers by Karmachichi.

Let Chichi Cat spread good energy and calm over your day with this easy peel and stick wall decal sticker. Perfect for decorating walls, windows, doors and personal items such as laptops, flasks and mobile phones.

Enjoy the hand made feel of this fabric sticker. 

Coated in an aqueous gloss effect for more durability.

Better dry than wet but can handle the wet - will bounce back.

Made with Epson archival eco inks.

Suitable for indoors.


Comes in 3 sizes 

Wall - around 235 x 125mm

Door - around 120mm

Flask - around 90mm


Includes - 1 Chichi Sticker  (in size ordered)

                     1 Karmachichi logo sticker 3.5" x 1"

                     1 animated Chichi Cat digital sticker gif.


Sart collecting today.


Postage in Australia Free

International rates apply - (usually $3.00 USD)

Chichi Cat | Wall Decals | Karmachichi |

  • Self-Adhesive Wall Decals

    Peel and stick removable wall decals are suitable for most surfaces inclucding walls, doors and windows. Semi-permanent decorating for easy placement and removal.  Made from Archival quality fabric and inks, coated in gloss laminate for stain resisting.

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