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Discover Karmachichi Flower Charms for your phone or water bottle.


The Karmachichi language of LOVE = Peace Flower Charms comes in 5 colors.


Premium Coated Frabic sticker has easy move ability making it a fun choice to stick, swap and love.


Due to the natural fabric the sides will become fluffy over time. This adds to to apeal!


For more durable but less movable stickers opt for the cheaper polypropylene stickers.


The mindful choice is totally yours.


Mindful Stickers - Coated Fabric Mindful Cuteness to remind you to live in the now!


Decorate your technology, and accessories with the fun and mindfulness of Karmachichi.


Add a touch of mindfulness and fun to your technology and accessories with our vibrant stickers. Our collection merges style inspiration with spiritual guidance, offering cute and fashion-forward designs crafted to inspire and uplift. Each sticker carries the powerful message of LOVE = Peace, spreading kindness and positivity with every glance. Immerse yourself in a world of mindfulness and beauty as you decorate your world. Let Karmachichi be your daily prompt to embrace the present moment and radiate love wherever you go."




1 x Karmachichi Mindful Sticker Sheet 76mm x 100mm



The price includes tax 

Dispatch within 3 days,  Australian Shipping  5-7 days.

Shipping is Australia Post standard envelope cost of  $1.50

Free Shipping orders over $20.00


International rates $3.50 AU per envelope

International mail times depend on country.

Send LOVE = Peace with Karmachichi 

Flower Charms Mindful Stickers

Flower Charms
  • The Art of Karmachichi is copyright©1996-2024 Lemon Zebras Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Our stickers are meticulously crafted in the Karmachichi Sticker Studio, using the finest quality archival inks and hand-coated with a UV protective layer. Please note that due to the nature of the cotton fabric, they may develop a bit of fluff over time, adding to their uniqueness. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out – we're here to help. Mindfully yours, Karmachichi.

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