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Trendy teen sticker, Bestie Karma motif by Karmachichi will help you pimp up your drink bottle,

hydro flask or Stanley cup.

Suitable for wide drink bottles and flasks.

The colourful, bright and happy design boasts charms of love and a message to "Drink More Water Gurl!"

Available in 6 designs. 

Be a trendy teen and put the cute aesthetic of Love = Peace with Karmachichic on your drink bottle today.



Bestie Karma - Drink Gold Bottle Sticker

  • NEW" Peelable sticker wraps for flasks and drink bottles.

    Easy peel-on and peel-off technology.

    Fabric stickers are durable and water-resistant.

    120mm x 230mm Designed to wrap around drink bottles, books and more.

    Postage $1.20 Australia  $3.00 Int 

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