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We Are The Karmachichi's

Welcome to Karmachichi, where

Love = Peace.


At Karmachichi, we believe in the power of

karma, (AKA Karma Angel)

where good actions lead to positive outcomes,


in the purity of chi, (AKA Chichi Cat -Mindful Guru) the energy flow that empowers us.


Inspired by these principles, Australian designer Justine Playford brought to life our graphic characters, Karma and Chichi, as ambassadors of all things good.


Open your eyes to the beauty of life through Angel Karma's endearing heart-shaped eyes. She sees the world with a perspective that will touch your soul.



Let Chichi Cat, the purveyor of love equals peace, guide you towards a mindful existence, where every moment is cherished.


Karma and Chichi are more than just characters.

They are best friends who share a passion for fashion, art, and mindfulness.

With their big eyes and even bigger hearts, they strive to inspire others to embrace their inner and outer beauty.


Our mission at Karmachichi is simple yet profound:

Radiate beauty in every sense of the word.


True beauty comes from within and reflects in everything you do.

Stay beautiful, Beautiful!

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